Bathroom Products

Bathroom Products


Here, you can get the bathroom hardware you want. As one of the leading manufacturers of faucets, taps and vanities, some of our products are also classified as bathroom accessories. Our bathroom hardware includes all the most common bathroom supplies, such as bathroom vanities, soap dishes, towel racks or bars, etc., you can browse here. If you want to customize, we will also provide some accessories. The first step is to send us your inquiry.

bathroom hardware includes towel bar, bathroom faucets and taps, towel ring, soap dish, etc. Bathroom hardware is called hardware for short. This is because these items are firmly installed bathroom accessories. They are also used for specific purposes in fixed areas. Generally speaking, you can find the Bathroom hardware sets. These include any number of different hardware. It is also common to place a suite of bathroom accessories. However, it should be noted that not all bathroom accessory kits include bathroom hardware. All the bathroom hardware collections will contain the bathroom hardware.

Many people confuse Bathroom hardware with Bathroom accessories. Now it is necessary to understand the difference. Bathroom accessories include toiletries, etc. This includes items such as soap dishes, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Although these are bathroom accessories, they are not bathroom hardware. These items are used in most bathroom spaces. The convenience and comfort these items bring to the bathroom is great. 

Browse here, you can get some products from Bathroom Faucets Taps & Vanities Manufacturers to make your bathroom neat and convenient.

Morden Design Interior Bathroom Decoration Sliding Shower Glass Door Hotel Renovation

❑S156 Double Sliding Shower Door Product Features: * Frameless stainless steels Double Sliding Door * Installation friendly design * Durable smooth-glide rollers for optimal efficiency and function. * All the hardware in deluxe quality stainless steel. * Sliding door construction ensures easy access in and out. * Full-view, clear glass makes the bathroom appear bigger and brighter. * Exterior towel bar with subtle curve for convenient access to towel. * Two design styles are available: Wall to wall shower door and Bathtub door. * Overall height: 76" (1930mm) * Fits opening: 56"-60" (1422-1524mm)

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Double Lavabo Designs Sink Bathroom Basin

The sink is composed of white cast stone, which was thoughtfully created to satisfy the standards for quality and design. It has a fantastic double washbasin design with beige grouting around the basin edge. Both domestic and business settings, including hotels, restaurants, and offices, may make use of this bathroom sink. Three holes in the back wall can be used to install it.

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Slim Premium Carbon Fibre Bathtub

This unusual hammock bathtub works well with baths of all sizes and forms. You can take a bath while taking a breath of fresh air. Simple lines and straightforward shapes will improve the appearance of any bathroom, while high-quality carbon fiber materials will give your modern design an exotic flair. This bathtub is a lovely addition to your bathroom and is both comfy and attractive. Your body can be protected from the bathtub floor by the waterproof hammock design, which has a beautiful transparent cover and is lightweight and simple to use.

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Interior Bathroom Decoration Sliding Shower Glass Door House

This premium sliding shower room design aims to improve cleaning efficiency, convenience, and intelligence. This is the perfect answer for individuals who cherish life. The shower door is brand-new and quite stylish. Installation is quick and easy, and this is a clever replacement for the outdated telescoping door. No more trapped in the open shower or cloudy mirrors. No need to bother with tile glue or drill holes on walls.

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Romanticcolor Basin Artificial Stone Square Wash Bowl New Design Colorful Art Rainbow Color Basin

The rainbow color basin is the ideal addition to your home's decor. It is a romantic color basin made of faux stone with square vegetables. This post has a lot of applications at home. It looks stunning when placed in a home. This item is composed of sturdy materials and is of great quality. Rainbow color basin is a nice location to store your belongings. It is romantic color basin artificial stone square dishwasher new design colorful art. It can serve as a storage space for a variety of things, including books, cosmetics, tablecloths, and other goods. It can also be used as an attractive decoration in any room of your house.

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Artificial Stone Seamless Splicing Modern Design Bathroom Sink Basin Without Radiation And Pollution

This man-made stone seamless splicing modern design bathroom sink, which is free of radiation and pollution, is an excellent addition to your bathroom. Simple to set up, stable, and long-lasting. Granite sinks are resistant to rust and corrosion and can be used for an extended period of time. It can help you replenish condensed water and moisture while also transforming your bathroom into a peaceful haven. The perfect choice for your bathroom is a seamless splicing non-radiation and pollution-free artificial stone modern design bathroom wash basin.

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Wall Mounted Mixer Shower Head

A simple shower change can transform the area into a pleasant retreat. You hear a faint sound as the water approaches, and you immediately gain a better perspective on life. The only decision to be made is whether you like a wall-mounted or hand-held faucet to achieve this effect. The mixer can be utilized in two places because of its adaptability. For any bathroom, this shower head is the ideal finishing touch. This shower head is simple to install and long-lasting thanks to its wall-mounted construction. It will also enhance your decor with its chic appearance.

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Anti Cockroach Trap Drain Bathroom Stainless Steel Floor Drain Square Covers Shower Drain

The anti-cockroach trap drainage bathroom stainless steel floor drain square cover shower drainage pipe is ideal for use in showers, washbasins, game pools, and kitchens. Simply replace the existing drain cover with the drain cover and place it on the bathroom or kitchen floor drain. Seals can keep water from returning to the room and cockroaches from infiltrating your home.

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Complete Bathroom Rain Shower Set

Any bathroom may become a peaceful space with the help of this complete bathroom shower. The hand-held shower and shower's chrome plating adornment go well with the circular anti-fog mirror. It is quite practical to use due to its armrest design. To make bathing enjoyable, the shower head will cover the wall and the floor. When not in use, the hand-held shower head can be tidily stored on the wall rack and quickly removed when required. This entire bathroom shower is created for comfort, style, and ease of upkeep.

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Sanitary Ware Bathroom Chrome Shower Set Shower Faucet Shower Mixer

With the help of our bathroom Chrome Shower Kit, taking a shower at home will be more pleasant and relaxing. Almost any normal shower may use this design, and two one-way valves can control the flow of water to the greatest extent. Because it is composed of high-quality metal, this item can withstand several summers of exposure to the sun. To give your bathroom a distinctive look, use the shower faucet from the chrome-plated shower set.

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Sanitary Ware Sink Resin Stone Basins Bathroom Pedestal Basin

The bottom basin of the bathroom sink is composed of high-grade resin, which is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Smooth edge, hand polished, long-lasting, and useful. Very simple to use and clean. The figure is made of premium resin stone, which is also quite lovely and endearing. This item is appropriate for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or other decorative space. You feel considerably better than you would with a regular porcelain basin because to its realistic appearance. This material is sturdy enough for daily usage and is simple to clean. The sink is bright, secure, and sturdy thanks to its sleek appearance.

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Luxury Freestanding Artificial Stone Resin Acrylic Solid Surface Bathtubs Bath Tub

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking for a stunning, top-notch freestanding acrylic solid surface stone resin bathtub. Bright colors, strength, and ease of upkeep are all hallmarks of this bathtub. It uses a seamless, integrated construction. With its distinctive hollow shape and smooth curving body, the beautiful design of our opulent independent faux stone resin Acrylic Solid Surface bathtub offers an unmatched contemporary appeal.

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