Shower Screen

Shower Screen


The bath shower screens are usually glass panels. The shower screens we provide can prevent water leakage from the combination bathtub and the shower setup. They provide a simple and efficient alternative to shower curtains.

If you have the idea of customization, please tell us your size requirements here. If you want to buy by yourself, here is a professional tip (from a shower screen factory) for your:

The screen size you should choose actually depends on the size of your bathtub. They are usually measured in millimetres and vary widely in width and height, usually between 1400-1500mm. If you have something different, they also have many different shapes for you to choose from.

Morden Design Interior Bathroom Decoration Sliding Shower Glass Door Hotel Renovation

❑S156 Double Sliding Shower Door Product Features: * Frameless stainless steels Double Sliding Door * Installation friendly design * Durable smooth-glide rollers for optimal efficiency and function. * All the hardware in deluxe quality stainless steel. * Sliding door construction ensures easy access in and out. * Full-view, clear glass makes the bathroom appear bigger and brighter. * Exterior towel bar with subtle curve for convenient access to towel. * Two design styles are available: Wall to wall shower door and Bathtub door. * Overall height: 76" (1930mm) * Fits opening: 56"-60" (1422-1524mm)

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Interior Bathroom Decoration Sliding Shower Glass Door House

This premium sliding shower room design aims to improve cleaning efficiency, convenience, and intelligence. This is the perfect answer for individuals who cherish life. The shower door is brand-new and quite stylish. Installation is quick and easy, and this is a clever replacement for the outdated telescoping door. No more trapped in the open shower or cloudy mirrors. No need to bother with tile glue or drill holes on walls.

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wholesale Hotel Custom Slide Rail Aluminum Frame Bathroom Slide Rail Steam Shower 8Mm Glass Shower Room

The hotel custom slide is the perfect option if you want a high-quality and lovely shower room. The shower is built of top-notch metal and has a long lifespan. The slide rail can be mounted on a glass wall, floor, or even a regular sliding door. You need bespoke sliding doors if your house lacks both flair and creativity. You don't have to be concerned about this system breaking down anytime soon because it is produced by the firm who creates the greatest quality products.

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High Quality Shower Stalis Price Hot Sale Customizable Sliding Tempered Glass Shower Doors Enclosure With Handle

This high-quality shower room is in high demand. Customization is available for the sliding tempered glass shower room door shell with handle. It is one of the low-cost items. The quality is good, but it should be affordable. This durable and easy-to-clean acrylic material is one of our most popular showers. Marble coverings can be installed on the floors and walls, or ceramic tiles can be used to create a customized look.

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