Stone Mosaic

Stone Mosaic


Stone mosaic is the oldest and traditional mosaic. It is made by polishing stone and then inlaying and splicing. Therefore, stone mosaics are natural and primitive due to the particularity of their technology, among which marble mosaics are the most widely known. 

The marble mosaic is elegant, with a variety of decorative effects, including matt and bright shapes. Like marble tiles, the surface can also be roughened as required.

Stonemosaictile has a pure natural texture, simple and elegant style.

According to the different processing technology, there are two forms of matt surface and bright surface, and the specifications are square, strip, round, irregular plane, rough surface, etc.

Decorating walls or floors with this material not only retains the simplicity of natural stone itself, but also enriches the patterns. Any interests, welcome to get them from a Stone Mosaic Factory or Manufacturer.

Luxury Wall Decoration Marble Customized Pattern Backsplash Italian White Carrrara Waterjet Tile New Shape Marble Stone Mosaic

People's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improving as a result of societal progress, and the decorative materials used in modern family decoration are expanding. Mosaic tiles are also popular among families. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, have more artistic and decorative visual effects and are particularly loved and sought after by some people in their 80s and 90s.

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Marble Natural Stone Tiles Mosaic

A unique variety of ceramic tile called a mosaic is separated into sections based on the method. Brocade brick is another term used in the industry to describe mosaic. After the bricks have partially dried, they are pressed into the shape of the mosaic before being baked in a kiln. In order for the mosaic to more clearly display the desired hue, calcium oxide and iron oxide are occasionally added to the bricks as the main colorants.

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Factory Direct Supply Natural Stone Mosaic 12"X12" Mixed Pattern Decorative Mosaic Tile

Products made of mosaic have a distinguished and lengthy past. They have endured thousands of years, but their charm still endures, and it depends on one another. They continue to have widespread public support. They are crucial items for decorating homes and motels.

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wholesale Bathroom Kitchen Backsplash Shower Marble Brick Joint Mosaic Wall &Floor Tile

White epoxy adhesive is advised for use with glass mosaic (to minimize the impact on the color of glass - see adhesive table). Because the adhesive may shrink and damage some materials' backs, the thickness of the employed glue must not be greater than 3mm.

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