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Welcome to Wholesale Modern Bowl Shaped Bathroom Sink In JIASHENG

As a wholesale bowl-shaped bathroom sink factory, Jiasheng has been focusing on bathroom products like modern bathroom bowl sink, bath tubs, etc., and also includes some accessories, such as floor drain, tap, and so on., mosaic, tiles since its establishment in 2008. We have prepared a wealth of bathroom products and indoor and outdoor tile products for customers, covering from small accessories to complete finished products, providing complete solutions for domestic and foreign domestic and commercial needs.
Jiasheng knows the different requirements for tiles, bathroom products and accessories in different countries and regions. On this basis, we provide customers with varied tile styles, sizes and rich material choices for bathroom products. Our partners have gotten wholesale 6''x 36'' rustic porcelain wooden tiles and porcelain tiles many times, and they feel satisfied. Moreover, we guarantee the safe transportation of products, and we have professional export packaging methods, welcome to choose and customize tiles and bathroom products according to your market needs.



Tactile tiles

Tactile Tiles are specialized flooring products designed to provide tactile guidance and safety in public spaces, particularly for individuals with visual impairments

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wholesale Colored Matte And Glossy Surface Decorative Wall 75X150/100X200Mm Glazed Ceramic Subway Tiles

Glazed tiles are those with a glazed surface. The surface is glazed, and the main body is divided into two types: clay and china. Because the surface of glazed tiles can be made of various patterns and patterns, which are richer in color and pattern than polished tiles, the wear resistance is not as good as polished tiles because the surface is glazed.

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Home 1200X600 Mm Supper Crystal White Full Body Carrara Design Polished Ceramic Porcelain Floor Tile

The materials that must be used for décor are floor tiles. I think everyone has heard of them. There are numerous floor tiles available, including matt tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, and ceramic tiles, thanks to the industry's quick expansion in the homebuilding sector. We will now discuss ceramic floor tiles with you. Are ceramic tiles for floors good? Let's talk about the benefits and drawbacks of ceramic floor tiles.

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Ceramic Tile Factory High Quality 600*600 Gray-Black Matte Finish Outdoor Decorative Thickened Brick

Choosing tiles for outdoor decoration can be difficult for those who want to do so. After all, there are so many different types that many people don't know how to choose, what floor tiles to use outdoors, many people may have such doubts, and this content may help you.

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Mosaic Floor Tile


Home Decoration Interior Wall Splashback Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Ceramic Wall Mosaic Tiles

Because it is formed of glass powder and natural minerals, glass mosaic is a secure building material. It is both the most environmentally friendly and the safest building material. It is perfect for used to decorate the walls and floors of bathrooms because it is corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and colorfast. Glass mosaics can be transparent and colorless, colored and transparent, translucent, or have gold and silver spots, patterns, or stripes. The front is glossy and smooth, whereas the back has rough grooves to make mortar pasting easier.

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High Quality Decorative wholesale Mosaic Tile Ceramic Swimming Pool Tile Mosaic Ceramica

Another typical ornamental material in contemporary homes is mosaic ceramic tile. It is primarily utilized in bathrooms and homes. Ceramic mosaic tiles can add some nice decoration. However, since many of my decorating pals are unfamiliar with the procedure for selecting mosaic ceramic tile, I will outline it for you today.

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Modern Decoration Arabesque Quality Square Mosaic Ceramic Porcelain Tile Glass Swimming Pool Mosaic

Glass mosaic is often referred to as glass paper or glass brocade brick. A small-sized variety of colored ornamental glass. The standard dimensions are 20 mm 20 mm, 30 mm 30 mm, and 40 mm 40 mm. The material is 4-6 mm thick. It is a component of the tiny, multicolored glass mosaic materials. The next topic we'll cover is 10 ways to maintain a glass mosaic.

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Luxury Wall Decoration Marble Customized Pattern Backsplash Italian White Carrrara Waterjet Tile New Shape Marble Stone Mosaic

People's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improving as a result of societal progress, and the decorative materials used in modern family decoration are expanding. Mosaic tiles are also popular among families. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, have more artistic and decorative visual effects and are particularly loved and sought after by some people in their 80s and 90s.

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Bathroom Vanity


Bathroom Vanity Solid Surface Marble Top Stone Bathroom Commercial Bathroom Vanities Full Cast Stone Vanity

The wood-based panel is a concept that is similar to solid wood. Solid wood furniture, as we all know, is made of natural wood as the base material, which retains the wood texture and is environmentally friendly and durable. So, why are most bathroom cabinets on the market made of wood-based panels?

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Washroom Vanity Resin Sink Solid Surface Bathroom Sink Design Stone Modern Vanity Combo Solid Surface Vanity Resin Vanity

You must select a bathroom cabinet with storage when making your selection. 70% of the storage pressure in the bathroom is shared by the bathroom cabinet! Many bathroom cabinets only extend above the tables, and storage arrangements are frequently made behind the mirror cabinet, so the area over the toilet is rarely used. The quality of life will be immediately increased if this component is also employed to provide a place for various bathroom inventory, as well as extra room for green plants, little aromatherapy, etc.

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Hotel Luxury Vanity/Apartment Project Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is essential in the bathroom, but everything has a service life. Understanding bathroom cabinet maintenance will help you extend the life of your bathroom cabinet!

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Home Use Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom cabinet has been upgraded to include a dressing mirror, mirror lamp, shelf, and other auxiliary features. A variety of components cohabit, blend together with dynamic and contemporary style, and produce a multipurpose whole with a better use function. A new idea of "bathroom life" is represented by the bathroom cabinet, which thanks to the integration of functions leaps out of the single functional necessity to become the central focus of all activities in the bathroom area.

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