Wall Mounted Mixer Shower Head
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Wall Mounted Mixer Shower Head

A simple shower change can transform the area into a pleasant retreat. You hear a faint sound as the water approaches, and you immediately gain a better perspective on life. The only decision to be made is whether you like a wall-mounted or hand-held faucet to achieve this effect. The mixer can be utilized in two places because of its adaptability. For any bathroom, this shower head is the ideal finishing touch. This shower head is simple to install and long-lasting thanks to its wall-mounted construction. It will also enhance your decor with its chic appearance.

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Product Description of wall mounted shower mixer 


    Simply changing your shower can turn the space into a luxurious rest place. When the water comes, you hear a faint sound, and you immediately have a better view of life. The only question is, do you want a hand-held or wall mounted faucet to create this feeling? The versatility of the mixer allows it to be used in two locations. This shower head is the perfect complement to any bathroom. The wall mounted design makes this shower head easy to install and durable enough to last for several years. With its fashionable design, it will also improve your decoration. This wall mounted faucet shower head can provide you with a choice. You can choose to enjoy a relaxing shower, or if you want more power after the shower, you can use hand-held accessories. This accessory will give you all the energy you need to wash after a whole day's work or exercise.


1) Simple installation

Use the faucet shower head to bring a modern flavor to your shower. This powerful shower head has high-power spray and multi-function control. It provides five different spray settings that can be adjusted by pressing a button. The fashionable design makes it very suitable for any bathroom, easy to install and operate, and suitable for daily use.


2) Design

Transform your shower with this wall mounted faucet shower head. It is ergonomically designed and can be easily installed on any wall of the bathroom, and provides a variety of finishes to suit your style. When adjusting the height and intensity of the water flow, the rubber tip on the top of the hose is easy to operate. The simple disassembly function of makes maintenance easy because you can easily replace old ink cartridges. Our wall mounted hybrid shower head provides a convenient solution for those who like to shower, that is, hot and cold shower. This dual function shower has independent vertical and horizontal spray control devices, which can easily switch between warm and cold water. This design is easy to install, just use the attached clip to slide the fitting onto the existing wall pipe, and you can start using it!


3) It can be installed on the wall or ceiling of the toilet. The two outlets distribute water and flow through their high-quality silicone nozzles to create a stronger and more satisfying shower time. The chrome plated surface makes it an excellent accessory for various bathrooms.


4) Efficient utilization

This wall mounted hybrid shower head is designed with high-performance multi nozzle function. The unique shower system ensures a more effective and powerful shower experience. Compatible with all standard and low-pressure systems, this wall mounted hybrid shower head can be installed directly on your existing pipe and has a convenient rotating neck design, allowing you to move the spray surface in any direction without adjusting the actual fixture itself.



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