Luxury Bath Shower Mixer And Shower Faucet Set,Wall Mounted Mixer Shower Head,Complete Bathroom Rain Shower Set

Luxury Bath Shower Mixer And Shower Faucet Set,Wall Mounted Mixer Shower Head,Complete Bathroom Rain Shower Set

Your daily life need this opulent bathtub shower faucet and shower faucet set. You may rejuvenate yourself while simultaneously saving money! A wall-mounted hybrid shower head with three handles, chrome-plated brass shower arms, wall-mounted mounting plates and bodies, ceramic tray ink cartridges, and simple diverters are all included in this bathroom shower set. This gorgeous shower equipment is a useful option for any family or vacation home thanks to its high-quality construction.

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Product Description of shower head


    This luxurious bathtub shower faucet and shower faucet set are essential for your daily life. Not only can you save money, but also refresh yourself! This complete bathroom shower set features a wall mounted hybrid shower head with 3 handles, chrome plated brass shower arms, wall mounted mounting plates and body, ceramic tray ink cartridges and easy-to-use diverters. The high quality structure of this exquisite shower equipment makes it a practical choice for any family or holiday property. This luxurious bathtub shower faucet and shower faucet set, wall mounted faucet shower head and full bathroom shower set are all made of high-quality ABS materials. The shower head provides powerful water flow, combining massage, rain and hand-held experience. This swimsuit is perfect for your bathroom.


1) Easy to install

Deluxe bathtub shower faucet and shower faucet set are specially designed and easy to install. Our products are of high quality, durable materials and long service life. With this water-saving system, you will definitely enjoy a relaxing warm shower. If you are looking for a unique shower experience, the deluxe bathtub shower faucet and shower faucet set are your best choice!


2) Design

This is a set of luxury shower equipment you deserve. The bathtub is simple in design and provides three finishes to complement your beautiful bathroom decoration. This unique design provides stability and brings the beauty of any bathroom decoration; It also eliminates the need for additional space on the wall. The bathtub faucet is a modern bathroom design, suitable for family use. Fashionable and unique design, the product is made of stainless steel, chrome plated on the surface, brass structure, durable, beautiful and generous. The faucet is made of lead-free copper, which not only has stronger corrosion resistance, but also increases the artistic sense.


3) Applicable to any family.

Enjoy a luxurious shower with this chrome plated shower faucet and shower faucet kit. This complete bathroom shower kit includes a wall mounted hybrid shower head and a matching unipolar wall mounted faucet. The high-quality structure of this bathtub faucet and hand-held shower equipment makes it an excellent decoration for any bathroom decoration. The deluxe bathroom shower faucet and shower faucet set are the perfect complement to your bathroom. You can easily change the temperature and time using the control knob mounted on the handle. Rest assured to soak in the bathtub and put an emergency stop button at hand, just in case.



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