Splicing Cabinet Furniture Hotel Bathroom Wall Cabinet With Push-Open Drawer Cast Stone Vanity

Splicing Cabinet Furniture Hotel Bathroom Wall Cabinet With Push-Open Drawer Cast Stone Vanity

Do not place high-temperature objects directly on the tabletop to extend its service life. Supports with rubber feet, thermal insulation pads, and other thermal insulation materials must be placed beneath high-temperature objects.

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Product Display of wall mount bathroom cabinet

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Product Description of bathroom wall cabinet 


Plate maintenance of bathroom cabinet


Maintenance of door panel


1.Avoid close to a heat source, power source, and water source, and avoid direct sunlight;

2.Do not contact with gasoline, benzene, acetone, and other organic solvents;

3.Clean with a pure cotton cloth and clean the carving seam with a brush;

4.Solid wood door panels are best cleaned with furniture wax;

5.It is suggested that the solid wood bathroom cabinet should be maintained every half a month or so: cleaning and waxing to maintain a long and bright color;

6.Overflow of water on the table shall be avoided. The splashed water will soak the door panel for a long time and cause deformation.

7.The door and drawer of the bathroom cabinet should be opened with appropriate force. Do not open or close it violently. The glass lifters of the hanging cabinet should respect the design and select hydraulic support or stop at will to ensure safe use.


Maintenance of cabinet


1.It is recommended that you put the heavy objects in the floor cabinet. The movable laminate can be adjusted up and down. Pay attention to whether the laminate holder is placed in the right position. The hanging cabinet is suitable for placing light articles, such as shampoo, shower gel, and dry towels. Light articles such as paper towels.

2.Whether the wall on which the wall-mounted bathroom floor cabinet and hanging cabinet are installed is a load-bearing wall. In the designer's actual measurement, if it is found that the installation conditions are not met, the customer needs to properly reinforce the wall according to the designer's requirements.

3.The bathroom cabinet shall be kept open for 15-20 days before use and properly ventilated to eliminate residual odor.

4.The cabinet has a tenon and eccentric structure. Please do not refit or disassemble it by yourself.

5.Do not use sharp objects to scrape or collide with the cabinet surface;

6.Do not pry up metal decorative materials on the surface, and do not clean the surface of metal objects with sharp materials such as steel wire balls; Do not use corrosive liquid to clean the surface of metal objects.

7.Do not pull the anti-collision strip on the edge of the cutting cabinet to ensure the effect of dust prevention, anti-collision, and cockroach prevention and prolong the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

8.The bathroom cabinet shall be protected from direct sunlight for a long time to avoid local color differences.

9.Place the articles stably, and the heavier articles should be placed at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet; It is not easy to place heavy objects in the hanging cabinet, to avoid stress deformation of the top and bottom plates, and ensure the safety of the process of taking and placing objects.


Maintenance of table


    To prolong the service life of the tabletop, do not place high-temperature objects directly on the tabletop. When placing high-temperature objects, the supports with rubber feet, thermal insulation pads, and other thermal insulation materials shall be placed under the objects.


Maintenance of bathroom mirror


1.Once the bathroom mirror is installed, please do not move or remove it at will, and do not hit the mirror with objects to avoid breaking and injuring people; The floor-type bathroom mirror can be moved, but it needs to be completed by multiple people, and the placement angle is the same as that before moving. Do not let children approach or push or pull the floor mirror alone;

2.If other accessories are found loose, please adjust or report for repair in time to avoid accidents caused by falling off.


Maintenance of water tank


1.Keep the sewer unblocked and blocked. If there is any blockage, please ask a professional company to unblock it.

2.The joint between the basin and the countertop shall be kept dry. If there is a water stain, it shall be wiped with a rag.

3.Pay attention to the service life of hoses, sealing materials, and other materials, and replace them in time.

4.Prevent any part of the cabinet from being immersed in water. Frequently check whether there is water leakage at the faucet and basin. In case of running, emitting, dripping, and leakage, timely repair, and treatment shall be carried out to prolong the service life of the cabinet. When cleaning, it is not allowed to wash directly with water, but only with detergent and rag.

5.In case of leakage of the internal pipeline, the professional leakage repair company shall be invited to timely repair and deal with it.


Maintenance of hardware


    Bathroom cabinet hardware mainly includes metal chain, hinge, slide rail, etc. its material is generally stainless steel or steel surface spray plating and plastic spraying. During use, the following points should be noted:


1.Avoid direct sprinkling of strong acid-base solution on hardware, and wipe it off immediately in case of carelessness.

2.The door hinge shall be opened and closed freely, and shall be protected from moisture and rust.

3.Keep the slide rail of the drawer free and clean.

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