Floor Drain Paving Method

Floor Drain Paving Method

2022-02-21 17:34:44

Everyone has a floor drain in your home, but must your floor drain be laid correctly?


floor drain


Diagonal type


The floor drain is placed in the middle of the floor tile and cut into four pieces along the diagonal. When paving, a groove is formed according to a certain inclination. The floor drain is the lowest, covering a whole piece of ceramic tile, and the drainage is smooth.


Edge interrupt type


The floor drain is located beside the wall. The floor tiles near the wall are straight strip type, which can cut off the tiles, and the middle position is reserved for the floor drain.


Dislocation type


It is suitable for square floor drains. The floor tile is misplaced, leaving the floor drain position to ensure the integrity of the floor tile.


Cross type


The floor drain is located in the center of the cross line of the floor tile, and the four corners are aligned with the edge line of the ceramic tile and extend to the surrounding direction. Suitable for square floor drain with natural slope.


Brick in brick type


The method is complex, but it is widely used. Take the floor drain as the center, make a box on the edge of the floor drain, make a diagonal line from this place, and make a slope when pasting bricks.




Many bricklayers steal work and do it casually, resulting in poor running water and very ugly. Regardless of the slope, the water will not flow completely to the location of the floor drain.


Serious nonconformity


Directly dig a hole in the floor tile to install the floor drain. The same tile is on the same horizontal plane. There is no way to form a groove to introduce water flow, so it can not play a good drainage effect.


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