Wholesale Artificial Stone Kitchen Tiles

Wholesale Artificial Stone Kitchen Tiles

2021-08-18 18:28:31

What is artificial stone floor tile?


Artificial stone floor tile is a building material that people often use for decoration. It is mainly made of resin, aluminum powder, pigment and other raw materials. It can meet certain toughness and hardness, is economical and practical, and is antibacterial, mildew proof, wear-resistant and impact resistant. Artificial stone kitchen tiles have the advantages of easy maintenance, seamless splicing and arbitrary modeling, and are gradually becoming a new fashion of home decoration.

Maybe you didn't notice that there are artificial stone floor tiles everywhere around us.
The shadow of artificial stone can be seen in the cabinet countertops, sinks and even floor tiles of ordinary people's homes. Artificial stone is beautiful and generous, antifouling, dirt resistant and easy to clean. These advantages make artificial stone very popular. So do you know the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone? Now let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone floor tiles!


kitchen Artificial Quartz stone tile(1).jpg


kitchen Artificial Quartz stone tile



Advantages of artificial stone kitchen tiles


1. Beautiful and generous appearance. The surface of artificial stone floor tile is smooth and not easy to fade. It also has the texture of natural stone and has very good decoration. In addition, there is no gap in its appearance, it is not easy to enter water, the water absorption is low, the antifouling and dirt resistance effect is very good, and it is also convenient to keep clean.

2. Wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Artificial stone is also a stone. Artificial stone floor tile has certain wear resistance and long service life. And the artificial stone floor tile has certain temperature resistance. If it is used as a cabinet table, it is very durable.

3. Many colors and styles. Artificial stone itself is artificially manufactured, and its plasticity is very strong. Artificial stone kitchen tiles with various shapes and colors can be manufactured according to the market demand. The effect of decoration is also very good.

4. Natural environmental protection and no pollution. Although the artificial stone is manufactured manually, the raw materials used are natural materials such as stone powder and resin, and harmful substances do not need to be mixed in the construction process. Therefore, artificial stone kitchen tiles are relatively green.

5. The price is cheap. Compared with natural stone, the price of artificial stone is much cheaper. Artistic stone kitchen tiles save a budget for your decoration.



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wholesale artificial stone kitchen tiles


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Disadvantages of artificial stone kitchen tiles

1. Artificial stone floor tile is soft and easy to scratch. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone is slightly inferior in hardness, and is prone to scratches, affecting the flatness and beauty of the table or ground! During normal use, be careful not to scratch or impact with sharp objects to prevent brittle crack of artificial stone floor tile.

2. Poor shrinkage. After all, the artificial stone is agglomerated with stone powder and has poor shrinkage performance. If the temperature difference between cold and hot is frequent, the artificial stone floor tiles are easy to crack and damage.


Can Artificial stone can not be used in Customized elegant European style bathroom cabinet

The answer we get from modern freestanding cabinet factory  & modern wall mounted cabinet manufacturer is "no".


3. High temperature is easy to make artificial stone lose luster. If the artificial stone is used as the countertop of the cabinet, it is best not to put the overheated appliances on the stone surface, otherwise, the long-term high temperature will make the stone lose luster and affect the appearance.


Wholesale artificial stone kitchen tiles in Foshan Jiasheng Trade Co Ltd

Foshan Jiasheng is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ceramic tiles. We have our own artificial stone kitchen tiles factory, which can provide you with artificial stone tiles at factory price. We support artificial stone kitchen tiles customization. The artificial stone kitchen tiles are flexible in size and diverse in pattern. For quotation and more detailed information, please contact us at +86-18988659123  

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