Floor Drain

Floor Drain


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Floor drain is an integral part of every family or any environment. The sanitary condition of a place can be judged by the type and quantity of floor drains installed in the place. The floor drain basically covers the drain holes dug in the bathroom, toilet, washing area or kitchen floor.

The floor drain acts as a filter in the drainage pipe and becomes the inlet of waste water from the toilet or bathroom to the sewage pipe. It filters contaminants, such as hair, plastic, and other trash, so that they do not escape from the drain hole and block the pipe. Sumps in bathrooms or toilets can also be avoided by using sewers to prevent dirt and garbage from clogging the sewers.

Floor drains usually have two shapes - round and square. The two shapes produced by floor drain exporter & floor drain factory - JIASHENG have their own advantages. 

Today, bathroom accessories are designed in a variety of ways. Some have square smooth edges and some have curved round sides. You can actually choose the shape of the floor drain to complement other accessories installed.

Anti Cockroach Trap Drain Bathroom Stainless Steel Floor Drain Square Covers Shower Drain

The anti-cockroach trap drainage bathroom stainless steel floor drain square cover shower drainage pipe is ideal for use in showers, washbasins, game pools, and kitchens. Simply replace the existing drain cover with the drain cover and place it on the bathroom or kitchen floor drain. Seals can keep water from returning to the room and cockroaches from infiltrating your home.

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304 Stainless Steel Bathroom And Balcony Square Stainless Steel Sanitary Floor Drain

The toilet, particularly the kitchen and toilet, is one of the most basic parts of the house. Because people frequently patronize the restroom, it is always the center of attention. As a result, it must be clean, modern, and fully functional.

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Stainless Steel Bathroom Drainage Automatic Airtight Floor Drain Line Shower Rectangular Shower Drains

A rectangular shower drainage pipe with an automatic sealing floor drain line is a stainless steel bathroom drainage pipe. This drain is ideal for use in showers where humidity and extra cleanliness are issues. The drainage base and grille are designed with ribs to remove moisture to the greatest extent possible, lowering the risk of mold growth or mold odor.

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