Stair Tile

Stair Tile


When creating attractive appearance for your residential or commercial space, you may be confused about the perfect choice of staircase tiles. However, stair tiles should be slip resistant so that they can prevent accidents and falls.

The appearance of tiles should be amazing to make staircase beautiful and improve the appearance of the entire space. We provide customers with stair tiles that are stable enough to withstand regular use. It enhances the overall structural integrity of staircase. In addition, tile should have skid resistance and strong water resistance. If tiles will be installed outdoors, make sure they are not affected by the weather, so they can withstand the cold and heat.

Why do we need to choose firm steps tiles? You can imagine that tiles are not strong enough, and there will be obvious signs of fading. There may also be some fractures and fragments of stairs. These will affect your personal safety. Therefore, please select a reliable stair tile wholesale supplier to protect your security.

300X1200 20Mm Anti Non Slip Carrara White Marble Look Porcelain Ceramic Stairs Step Tiles For Staircase Stairs

Marble has been used to decorate stairs since the beginning of time, but because it is easily damaged during use, it requires regular maintenance work when it is used, but how much do you know about how to maintain marble stairs? Because the use of marble stairs has a lot to do with construction, a lot of attention should be paid to the marble stair construction process.

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300X1200 Anti Slip Tiles For Steps Inside White Marble Steps Marble Stairs

Good stiffness, high hardness, and good wear resistance are benefits of marble staircases. The accuracy is good because after extensive natural aging, the rock has a homogenous structure, a very low linear expansion coefficient, and the internal tension totally vanishes without deforming. Not scared of acid, alkali liquid corrosion, rust, or the need to apply oil. Maintenance is simple and easy, and the product has a long service life. It is not magnetic, can move freely during measurement, is not astringent or stagnant, is not affected by moisture, and has a clearly defined plane.

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300X1200 20MM Anti Slip Indoor Step Non Slip Ceramic Floor Tile Tiles For Stairs Ceramic Steps

Materials for ground decoration are available for floors, and materials are available for walls. How about stairway ornamentation? Have you dismissed it? When decorating a home, you will take note of the staircase's design and the rooms where it is most appropriate, but you frequently forget to select the right materials for stair decoration. So, which is better for stair steps—ceramic tiles or wood boards?

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