Premium Modern Bathroom Shower Wall Backsplash Porcelain Glazed Finger Mosaic Tiles Decorative Glass Mosaic

Premium Modern Bathroom Shower Wall Backsplash Porcelain Glazed Finger Mosaic Tiles Decorative Glass Mosaic

The marble mosaic's waterproof performance is not very excellent since the pattern of the ceramic mosaic is monotonous. Glass mosaic features vibrant color patterns and excellent water resistance. It will be used more frequently as the primary decorative component of kitchen and bathroom wall decor as well as TV background walls.

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Product Display of Customized Bathroom Glass Mosaic Tile

Customized Bathroom Glass Mosaic Tile Manufacturers

Product Description of Glass Mosaic


    Glass mosaic tiles are colorful in color and vary in style. Moreover, mosaics with different color patterns can be combined and assembled into murals of various colors, which has a good decorative effect.


    As the pattern of the ceramic mosaic is monotonous, the waterproof performance of marble mosaic is not very good. Glass mosaic has rich color patterns and good waterproof performance. More and more people will use it as the main decorative material for the TV background wall or kitchen and bathroom home decoration.


How to choose a glass mosaic for bathroom?

1.Check the packing box of ceramic tiles to see if the manufacturer is formal


    The surface of each packing box produced by a regular manufacturer will be printed with the product name, factory name, registered trademark, production date, color number, specification, quantity, and weight, and shall be printed with marks such as moisture-proof and fragile; Each box of products will be attached with an inspection certificate; In addition, the moisture-proof paper will be placed in each packaging box to prevent the mosaic from being affected by moisture. If the packaging box is not so standardized, it means that the manufacturer is not very formal.


2.Check the quality of glass mosaic


    First, check whether the glass mosaic is flat, whether each mosaic is of the same specification, whether the edges of each small particle are neat, and place the single mosaic on the horizontal ground to see whether it is flat.


    Next, touch the glaze of the glass mosaic to see if it is smooth. If it is too smooth, it means that its anti-skid degree is not good.


    Third, the thickness of the glass mosaic is generally between 4mm and 4.3mm, and cannot be too thick or too thin.


    Fourth, check the back of the mosaic. The back of the high-quality glass mosaic will not have a very thick latex layer, and will generally show a zigzag or stepped shape. This mosaic is of high quality.


    Finally, check whether the mosaic has cracks and flaws and whether the color is uniform. It is best to conduct this inspection in strong light.


3.The details should be stated on the payment documents


    Many friends will relax their vigilance after selecting ceramic tiles, but they do not know that it is easy for businesses to have time to drill. Some illegal businesses will send low-quality mosaics of different colors to the owners during delivery. Therefore, the decoration owners must specify the tiles, models, and specifications of the glass mosaic they purchased on the payment documents to prevent disputes on the delivery of tiles.


Classification of glass mosaic


    The different varieties of glass, it can be divided into a variety of small varieties:


    (1)Molten glass mosaic. It is a glass mosaic with silicate as the main raw material, which is melted and formed at high temperature and is in the form of opacification or galactopacification, containing a small number of bubbles and unmelted particles.


    (2)Sintered glass mosaic. The glass mosaic is made by taking glass powder as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of binder and pressing it into a green body of a certain size, and sintering it at a certain temperature.


    (3)The glass mosaic of Venus. It contains a small number of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles and has a glass mosaic that flickers obviously when encountering light.

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