Customized Design Decorative Wreaths Natural Stone Tile Pool Tile Outdoor Travertine Tile

Customized Design Decorative Wreaths Natural Stone Tile Pool Tile Outdoor Travertine Tile

Customers must learn to train their eyes to screen swimming pool bricks in the situation of uneven manufacture. Swimming pools have highly strict standards for the anti-skid performance of swimming pool tiles, as was described in the previous article. Additionally, swimming pool tiles have been submerged in water for a considerable amount of time, so attention must also be paid to the water absorption of swimming pool tiles.

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Why are swimming pools tiled?


    First, clean and tidy. Since the swimming pool is a place where people go to bathe and play, the water must look clear. The swimming pool with mosaic tiles will look clean and clear. This is because the mosaic tiles are relatively smooth, and the light is refracted by mirror refraction, so it will look very clear.


    Second, it is convenient to take care of. Without a tiled pool, it would look like a cesspool, and no one would want to swim in it. The second is that if you don't tile, the ground is difficult to take care of. Just like the difference between a clear water house and a house with floor tiles, a house with floor tiles can be cleaned with a mop. And the cement floor of the Qingshui room cannot be cleaned by a mop.


    Third, to prevent infiltration, no matter what the cement floor is, in the case of long-term soaking, there will be some water seepage, but after the mosaic tiles are pasted, it will not. The products of swimming pool brick manufacturers basically have the characteristics of anti-leakage!


    Fourth, to prevent foreign objects from scratching, first of all, if mosaic tiles are pasted, the foreign objects will be very conspicuous and have nowhere to hide. If there are no tiles, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Secondly, if there is no mosaic tile, then the sharp corners of many parts of the swimming pool, or the unsmooth parts are easy to scratch people. And after sticking it, the whole swimming pool will be clean and will not scratch people.


    In short, if the swimming pool is not tiled, it will be unsightly in the first place. The second is insecurity, a lot of security risks.


    Today, travertine tiles have become one of the commonly used tiles for swimming pools. Do you know how to choose it?


How to choose Travertine Tile for swimming pool?


    In the case of uneven production of swimming pool bricks, consumers must train their eyes to screen swimming pool bricks. As mentioned in the previous article, swimming pools have extremely high requirements for the anti-skid performance of swimming pool tiles. In addition, swimming pool tiles have been immersed in water for a long time, so the water absorption of swimming pool tiles must also be paid attention to. How do we choose high-quality swimming pool tiles?


    Check whether the surface of the pool tiles is smooth and if there are no cracks and small pores. If there are small pores on the surface of the swimming pool tiles, it will affect the appearance of the swimming pool tiles, and secondly, the small pores are easy to accumulate dust.


    Pour a small amount of water on the back of the pool tiles and watch carefully for water penetration. If the water quickly penetrates into the pool tile, it means that the density of the pool tile is low, and this type of pool tile cannot be used.


    The higher the accuracy of swimming pool tile specifications, the better the paving effect, and at the same time, it can save a lot of man-hours and costs.

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