400X800 Bone Color Matte Finish Wall Tiles White Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles For Bathroom

400X800 Bone Color Matte Finish Wall Tiles White Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles For Bathroom

The selection of bathroom tiles is critical during the bathroom renovation process. It is beyond regret once the quality is not up to standard, resulting in future repairs and water leakage, and quality is the life of ceramic tile products. How do you choose glazed tile for your bathroom wall?

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Product Display of White Bathroom Wall Tiles


Name Ceramic wall tiles
Brand Jiasheng
Color White, yellow, grey, brown,gray,grey,beige, bone color & design
Tile dimensions 400*800MM
Surface type Inkjet glaze; Matte Finish; Glazed Ceramic
Room type Bathroom, Gymnasiums
Age range (description) Adult
Installation type Stick,Self Adhesive,Peel
Reusability Single Use
Pattern No
Shape Square
Manufacturer Jiasheng
Code CTGIDH48011/CTGIDH48012/CTGIDH48013/CTGIDH48014/CTGIDH48015
Material Porcelain Tiles
Grade AAA
Water Absorption Below 0.5%
Tile Type Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
Function Acid-Resistant Antibacterial Firebrick, Heat Insulation, Wear-Resistant
Special feature Easy to Use - Just Peel & Stick, Anti Glare Matte Finish Laminated Vinyl, Self Adhesive

Product Description

    400X800 bone color matte wall tiles with a glazed surface are attractive,  they have won customers' popular support. Such size is a hot choice, people also wholesale 400X800 full glazed floor tiles here for their bathroom space. If you are looking for cheap large bathroom wall tiles or cheap white bathroom wall tiles, please consider these bone color matter wall tiles with 400X800 size.

    In the process of bathroom renovation, the choice of bathroom tiles is very important. Once the quality is not up to standard, resulting in future repairs and water leakage, it is beyond regret, and quality is the life of ceramic tile products. Glazed tile is a common bathroom wall tile, so how to choose it?


Why are white glazed tiles often used as bathroom wall tiles?

The decorative effect of glazed wall tiles:

    A well-decorated bathroom is good for people's health and living comfort. Therefore, the decorative effect of the bathroom is very important. There are two types of glazed wall tiles, one is matte wall tiles, which are not sensitive to the reflection of light sources, and the light feeling is soft and not dazzling. Moreover, the glazed wall tiles on the market are more complete, with rich waistlines and flower pieces, which can create different effects. Glazed white wall tiles are the first choice for bathroom wall tiles, luckily, you can get these cheap white bathroom wall tiles.


Practical effects of glazed wall tiles:


    Anti-skid, anti-skid performance is the most basic requirement for bathroom wall tiles, and the most afraid of falling when bathing, the texture of glazed wall tiles can effectively increase the friction between shoes and tiles.


    Anti-fouling, the glazed surface does not absorb oil, and the anti-fouling effect of glazed wall tiles basically meets people's needs.


    Water absorption, glazed wall tiles have a higher water absorption rate than polished tiles, so the bathroom should be treated with water absorption when laying glazed wall tiles, otherwise it may cause the wall tiles to be poorly pasted and the decorative effect cannot be achieved.


    Nowadays, many people prefer polished tiles and antique tiles when they choose the material of bathroom wall tiles, and they feel that they have improved their grades. Although glazed tiles are not as expensive as polished tiles and antique tiles, combined with decorative and practical effects, we believe that glazed tiles are the first choice for bathroom wall tiles.


How to choose white bathroom wall tiles?


    Tile texture density


    When choosing bathroom wall tiles, look to see if the sides are flat. Bathroom wall tiles are generally made of whole-body tiles, which have good anti-skid and wear-resistant properties. In addition, high-quality tiles generally have high hardness, strong toughness, and are not easy to break.


    The intrinsic quality of the tiles can be checked by tapping the chips. Two tiles are tapped lightly. If the sound of the tile is crisp, with some metallic sound, it indicates that its inner quality is very good and the hardness is high; if the sound is hoarse, there may be cracks hidden in the tile and the hardness is not high.


The degree of glazing on the brick surface


    Depending on the use and place of the tiles, the choice is wider. The bathroom wall tiles usually use glazed tiles. The glazed tiles are glazed with rich color patterns and strong anti-fouling ability.


    In the bathroom, because the number of times of use is relatively high, it is necessary to choose a relatively high wear resistance. You can gently scrape the surface of the tile with a hard object. If there are scratches, it means that the glazing is insufficient, the tile surface is easy to hide dirt, it is difficult to clean, and there is a lack of safety.


The water absorption rate of tiles


    Look at the water absorption rate of bathroom tiles. Good quality tiles have a low water absorption rate and are easy to dry. The way to judge the water absorption rate of tiles is very simple, just drop a drop of water on the back of the sample tile and observe whether it can absorb quickly.


    The water absorption of ceramic tiles should be considered. For ceramic tiles with low water absorption, the density of ceramic tiles is relatively high, and they have a certain resistance to stains and water. Especially in the bathroom environment, the lower water absorption can also ensure that the tiles will not be deformed due to excessive expansion.

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