Slab&Sintered Stone

Slab&Sintered Stone


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As one of the leading stone slabs manufacturers in China, we provide customers with custom stone slabs, and help them to get ideal indoor and outdoor space apparance. They are known to have a timeless style that creates awesome works of art, such as

Stone slabe ideasReasons
Outdoor dining table top

Although they are left unmaintained for long periods of time, with a little cleaning and maintenance, they can also last a long time and are definitely a great option. Also, it can be nice for balcony, and you can get China balcony floor tiles here.

Kitchen countertop
The application of stone slabs to kitchen countertops remains the number one and most popular. Because they are available in many varieties, they are also very durable, easy to clean and retain their value.
Wall around shower
Stone slabs manufacturers think this is one of the ways to prevent and reduce mold production, because stone slabs are naturally waterproof and easy to clean, in a moisture-laden environment, solid stone slabs are definitely an ideal solution for shower walls. Choose from a wide range of colours to your liking and your bathroom will be full of interest. For more personalization, custom stone slabs are the best option.
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity supplier thinks the patterns of stone slab are rich, more personalized, and make people feel intimate, you can choose custom stone slabs from China stone slabs manufacturers. Such as custom thickness and texture patterns, make the bathroom flavor more refined.

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