Modern Bathroom Sink Crystal Glass Wash Basin

Modern Bathroom Sink Crystal Glass Wash Basin

Modern bathroom sink, crystal glass basin, elegant diamond design. This beautiful and sturdy glass washbasin is ideal for your home or place of business. It is made of robust, scratch-resistant high-quality crystal glass. Any bathroom dcor will be enhanced perfectly by the lovely diamond pattern.

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Elegant diamond design, shiny design, modern bathroom sink, crystal glass basin. This stylish and durable glass washbasin is perfect for your home or office space. It is made of high-quality crystal glass, scratch resistant and durable. The beautiful diamond design will add a perfect touch to any bathroom decoration.


1) Easy to clean

Elegant diamond design shiny design modern bathroom sink crystal glass basin, the luxury of glass is the natural and antiseptic property of this product, you can use it in public places such as hotels, restaurants or families. Simple cleaning design can prevent bacteria and mold from growing on its surface.


2) Perfect gift

This elegant bathroom sink is the perfect gift for your lover. The white diamond crystal glass wash basin perfectly integrates modern and classic design concepts, adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Perfect for any kitchen or bathroom.


3) Design

Elegant diamond design, shiny design, modern bathroom sink, crystal glass basin. This beautiful sink is made of high-quality white ceramic and can be used in most interior design styles, such as modern and classic. In addition, this basin has a smooth circular edge and a smooth surface, which creates a beautiful appearance. This elegant and stylish bathroom sink combines beauty and function. The modern style sink is made of crystal glass material, which is more shiny, durable and easy to clean. The sparkling effect of diamond cutting adds a luxurious appearance to your bathroom. It is also suitable for any decoration style and perfectly matches any other products in our store. This beautiful white crystal glass sink will be your perfect choice. Elegant diamond design, shiny design, modern bathroom sink, crystal glass basin is a unique art. This modern sink will be the focus of your bathroom. The combination of beautiful curves and sharp edges gradually turns into an elegant diamond design, creating a very special atmosphere. The movement of light and shadow creates depth on the body, which is reflected on the glass surface like jewelry - which gives you the creativity of masterpieces that you can enjoy every day.


4) This modern sink is made of high-quality crystal glass, which is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it has a beautiful diamond design in the middle, which makes the sink look like a shining star in your bathroom. With this glass washbasin, you will feel that there is a big diamond in your hand.



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