Plywood Bathroom Cabinet / Vanity

Plywood Bathroom Cabinet / Vanity

The bathroom cabinet is a crucial component of the space. The plywood bathroom cabinets are the most popular among customers among the many materials used to make bathroom cabinets. Solid wood is typically used to make the plywood bathroom cabinets. The natural, understated, and beautiful design satisfies the psychological requirements of contemporary urbanites who value nature. It can simultaneously perfectly convey the host's respect and the standard of the house and set the bar for luxurious bathroom design.

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Product Display of plywood bathroom vanity

plywood bathroom vanity


Product Description of plywood bathroom cabinet 


    The bathroom cabinet plays an indispensable role in the bathroom. The bathroom cabinets are made of various materials, among which the plywood bathroom cabinets are favored by consumers. The plywood bathroom cabinets are usually made of solid wood. The style is natural, simple, and elegant, which meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites who advocate nature. At the same time, it can fully reflect the respect of the host and the level of the home, and become the standard for high-end bathroom decoration.


So how to choose the plywood bathroom cabinet? Let's take you to know


    1.Waterproof is very important


The bathroom is humid. If the waterproof function of the bathroom cabinet is not good, it will soon become moldy and rotten. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a bathroom cabinet with good waterproof function. It is recommended to use materials with excellent moisture resistance, and conduct multiple waterproof treatments on the surface of the bathroom cabinet to ensure the closeness of the plate, to prolong the service life of the bathroom cabinet.


    2.Pay attention to health problems


Poor quality bathroom cabinets are prone to health problems when used. For example, bathroom cabinets with poor moisture resistance are prone to mold and breed bacteria. Unqualified bathroom cabinets use excessive toxic gas in paint, which directly endangers human health.


Our bathroom cabinets, from material selection, and production to installation and use, comply with strict international environmental protection standards and effectively control the content, release, and secondary pollution rate of formaldehyde, benzene, reflective substances, heavy metals, and other harmful substances, and carefully care for the health of customers.


    3.Consistent style


    The design style of the bathroom should not be ignored. For the first decoration, choosing a bathroom cabinet that matches your home decoration style can make your home taste even better.


Maintenance method of bathroom cabinet


    1.Handle with care: when carrying the bathroom cabinet, it should be lifted and handled with care. It should not be dragged and pulled. It should be placed flat and stable. If the ground is uneven, the feet should be firmly padded to prevent damage to the bathroom cabinet structure;


    2.Sun protection: the bathroom cabinet should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be placed in an excessively dry place to prevent the wood from drying and deformation;


    3.Cleaning: wet the soft cloth with the solution diluted with detergent, and then gently wipe the dirty place along the wood grain;


    4.Always use a soft cloth along the texture of the bathroom cabinet to remove the dust from the bathroom cabinet. Before dust removal, apply some detergent (BILIZHU) to the soft cloth, and do not wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid scratching the bathroom cabinet. When used in a dry environment, manual humidification measures shall be taken, such as regularly wiping the bathroom cabinet with a soft cloth;


    5.Maintenance of bathroom countertop: do not scratch with sharp * * when using, and clean the colored table top with neutral detergent;


    6.Lens maintenance: when there is a water stain on the lens of the bathroom cabinet, clean it with a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent;


    7.Regular waxing: every 6-12 months, apply a layer of wax to the bathroom cabinet with paste wax, including the hardware handle, towel bar, and bracket of the cabinet.

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