Wavy Blue Ceramic Glazed Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles Porcelain Mosaic Pool Tile For Sale Factory Supply Ceramic Mosaic Pool

Wavy Blue Ceramic Glazed Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles Porcelain Mosaic Pool Tile For Sale Factory Supply Ceramic Mosaic Pool

One of the most often used glass mosaics on the market is 4mm. The quality is quite light, and the cost is somewhat low, which are the benefits. The drawbacks include: insufficient gloss, poor three-dimensional perception, and a propensity for breaking and falling off. It must be chiseled once, which takes time and effort because the wall tiles, when matched with them, are typically 8mm thick.

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Product Description of Ceramic Mosaic Tile

How to choose a glass mosaic for home decoration?


The quality of a single mosaic is tested as follows:


1.Check whether the surface of the glass mosaic is flat and whether each mosaic is of the same specification. Check whether the edges of each small particle are neat, and put the single mosaic on the horizontal ground to see if it is flat.


2.The decorative area of glass mosaic decorated with stripes should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution is very uniform.


3.Touch the glaze of the glass mosaic to see if it is smooth. If it is very smooth, it means that the anti-slip degree of the product is not good.


4.Carefully check the back of mosaics. The back of high-quality glass mosaics will not have a very thick latex layer and usually will appear serrated or stepped. This is a high-quality mosaic.


5.The adhesive used on the glass mosaic should not only ensure the adhesive strength but also be easy to wipe off from the glass mosaic. The adhesive used shall not damage the backing paper or discolor the glass mosaic.


6.The thickness of the glass mosaic should generally be between 4 and 4.3 mm, and should not be too thick or too thin.


7.Under the natural light, there should be no cracks, flaws, missing edges, and corners, and the color should be uniform by visual inspection 0.5 meters away from the mosaic.


8.The backing paper used will not be torn during reasonable handling and normal construction.


9.Randomly select nine glass mosaics to form a square, place it in a place with sufficient light, and visually check whether its luster is uniform at a place 1.5 meters away from it.


Analysis of various thicknesses and advantages and disadvantages of glass mosaic


1.4mm glass mosaic


4mm glass mosaic is one of the most popular glass mosaics in the market. The advantages are: the quality is relatively light and the price is relatively cheap. The disadvantages are: the gloss is not enough, the three-dimensional sense is weak, and it is easy to break and fall off. When matched with the wall tiles, the thickness of the wall tiles is generally 8mm, so it needs to be chiseled once, which is time-consuming and laborious.


2.6mm glass mosaic


6mm glass mosaic is also a common mosaic variety in the market. It has greatly improved the gloss and three-dimensional feeling compared with 4mm products. Now, most arch products in the market are 6mm. Because the common wall tiles are 8mm, the 6mm horse glass mosaic and wall tiles are not used much.


3.8mm glass mosaic


8mm glass mosaic is very popular in the market and is the main variety of foreign trade export at present. The advantages are: good gloss, good three-dimensional sense, not easy to break, and more processing can be done, such as ice cracking, frosting, etc. the foundation thickness can be better matched with wall tiles and floor tiles. The disadvantages are: the quality is heavy and the price is expensive, about twice the price of 4mm.

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