Good Quality Hotel Bathroom Furniture Bathroom Sinks Vanities Mirror Cabinet New Bathroom Vanity Project Vanity

Good Quality Hotel Bathroom Furniture Bathroom Sinks Vanities Mirror Cabinet New Bathroom Vanity Project Vanity

The most obvious benefit of a bathroom cabinet is keeping your stuff safely out of sight. Shelves let you store most things, but they leave them out in the open instead of behind closed doors. That’s fine if you just have neat piles of color coordinate towels and bathrobes. However, if you have jumble of old towels, rolls of toilet paper, hairdryers, hair irons, deodorant, hair products, and whatnot, you want them out of sight.

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9 steps of the bathroom cabinet production process




    Observe the color and age of the wood with the naked eye, and select appropriate materials for different parts according to the number of bathroom cabinets in this batch. Generally, the materials with a neat appearance and beautiful color are used to make the surface part of the cabinet, Slight defects and nodes should be treated with special processes (for example, the nodes should be filled with professional filling materials before they can be used for the production of bathroom cabinets) and used on the back of the cabinet or other inconspicuous parts; If it is found that there is deterioration, deformation or insect infestation, it will be discarded to ensure the quality consistency of the bathroom cabinet.




    According to the professional production operation manual (customized products are prepared according to the specially drawn drawings), the required materials of different parts are cut into different sizes according to specific molds.




    Polish the opened wood to remove the burrs, residual bark, and scratches on the surface. This procedure will be repeated many times in the production process.




    A variety of professional tools such as professional precision bench drills are used to pre-drill structural mounting holes for wood. The secondary process is professionally designed to ensure that no mounting holes can be seen on the surface of the installed bathroom cabinet.




    The imported raw materials are generally wood strips of about 1000 * 60 * 20MM. To make the side plates, door plates, bottom plates, and other parts of the bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to go through the process of "splicing". Splicing is a process that pays more attention to technology and manufacturing accuracy. First, select and polish the wood of the same size and prevent it from being placed in a specific mold. Apply the splicing board on the parts to be spliced, and then press and fix it from around and up and down with professional clamps, Keep it for more than 24 hours; At the same time, professional engineers will calculate and slot the large surface such as the bottom plate according to the stress area and expansion and contraction coefficient during the assembly process to prevent the cabinet from deformation in the future use (principle: the joint of the rail and the slot on the cement pavement).




    The assembled cabinet boards are polished many times by professional polishing machines. The polishing machines include plane polishing machines, special-shaped polishing machines, spherical polishing machines, irregular polishing machines, and manual polishing machines, which are used to process different shapes of wood. The polishing machines also have a special classification of primary polishing and fine polishing.




    The wood panels that have been subjected to the previous processes have taken shape. However, to become a part of the bathroom cabinet, it still needs to undergo the process of "cutting". This process requires extremely high accuracy. The error between each component of the bathroom cabinet is calculated in units less than mm. Therefore, it is required to measure the part after the panel splicing again and cut the part that does not meet the requirements to meet requirements of installation after painting, Sometimes it is required to assemble all components on-site to test without error; (the size ratio of the bathroom cabinet is determined after repeated trial production by designers and experts to ensure that the appearance ratio and practical functions reach a high level. Once the style is determined, it will not be easily changed.)




    Professional polyester paint is used to ensure that the user requirements are insect proof and waterproof; Unique and generous color is a key to maintaining a high-grade in the market. It is divided into primer and topcoat, which need to be carried out four times in total. The primer is used to seal the wood pores, fix the color, and remove small wood thorns; The finish coat can be applied only after the primer is dry. The finish coat finally shows the color of the cabinet, and at the same time, it has been treated with waterproof and insect prevention. It takes a long time to paint. To improve the quality, the painting process cannot be simplified to shorten the production time. Therefore, the painting process of a set of bathroom cabinets is more than 3 days. There are strict operating procedures in the paint workshop, especially in the finishing paint workshop. Since the finished paint is assembled after drying, it is required that there should be no dust in the workshop. All workers in the finishing paint workshop must wear masks.




    Assemble the components with dry paint on the professional installation platform, and check whether the cabinet has problems in size, installation, and paint. After the assembly, wrap it with plastic wrap and fix it with large-sized wooden crates outside the carton.

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