Bronze Antique Copper Tiles Mosaic Metal Mosaic Tiles 3D Brass Mosaic Made In China

Bronze Antique Copper Tiles Mosaic Metal Mosaic Tiles 3D Brass Mosaic Made In China

A unique type of mosaic called a metal mosaic is constructed from various metal components. Smooth surfaces and matte surfaces are two different types. Metal mosaics can be categorized into wire drawings, mirrors, and other series. Direct pasting, specific shapes, hemming, corner folding, and other categories are among the styles. Among the single grain specs are 20x20mm, 25x25mm, and 30x30mm, among others.

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    Metal mosaic is a kind of special mosaic made of different metal materials. There are two kinds of smooth surfaces and matte surfaces. In terms of categories, metal mosaics have wire drawings, mirrors, and other series. The styles include direct pasting, special-shaped, hemming, corner folding, and other categories. The specifications of single grain include 20x20mm, 25X25mm, 30x30mm, and other specifications.


    The same specification can be changed into hundreds of varieties. The size, thickness, color, plate, and style can be changed according to needs. The metal materials of the metal mosaic are divided into stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum plastic, and copper.


    As a new type of decoration material, you must know very little about it. Let's introduce the daily maintenance and precautions of metal mosaic by sorting out the materials.


Daily maintenance of a metal mosaic


1.Dust and stains: use soapy water.

2.Fingerprints and watermarks: use pure olive oil or alcohol.

3.Stubborn stains: use abrasive cleaner and scratch-free mat.

4.Disinfection: wipe the surface with diluted household bleach in a ratio of 1:1 to water.

5.Remove scratches: 180 or 320 sandpaper can be used to remove scratches (this model is a general model abroad, and domestic sandpaper above 600 is used).


Precautions for use of metal mosaic


1.Put the liquid soap and household detergent on the mosaic surface to dry.

2.The bleach solution and water cannot be left on the metal mosaic for a long time.

3.Clean the metal mosaic with steel wool. Nonscratch pads can be used to ensure that the wiping direction is consistent with the direction of the metal mosaic pattern.

4.Place food scraps or metal cans on the metal mosaic for a long time.

5.Place the hot pot directly on the metal mosaic. Press, plate cutting machine, paving machine, etc. the entry threshold of the metal mosaic industry is low and the competition is fierce.


Construction technology of metal mosaic


    First, before the construction of mosaics of any material, the construction surface shall be clean and tidy. Metal mosaics are no exception, and the requirements are stricter. In particular, attention shall be paid to checking whether the wall is wet or cracked. Because the permeability of the metal mosaic is not as strong as that of the ceramic tile mosaic or even has no special gas performance, the water vapor will always be stored in the wall, and the wall will become moldy over a long period. The metal mosaic on the surface will also fall off the glue on the back due to moisture.


    Second, after the inspection is completed, it is necessary to prepare for paving. First, determine the position of the mosaic on the wall to be paved, and then use the pencil box level to determine the marking. The second step is to remove the back glue of the metal mosaic, and then paste it according to the position of the marking. At this time, be careful not to use force, to avoid small-scale adjustment of uneven places later.

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