New Original Design Polished Leaf Shaped Mosaic Tiles Wall Flooring Decoration

New Original Design Polished Leaf Shaped Mosaic Tiles Wall Flooring Decoration

I believe you are well-versed in mosaic tiles. They are presented to us with distinct advantages. They have a variety of matching methods and are popular among many young friends.

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    I believe you are very familiar with mosaic tiles. They are displayed in front of us with unique advantages. They have a variety of matching ways and are loved by many young friends.


    Then let's introduce the construction method of mosaic tiles in detail.


How to paste mosaic tiles?


Brush glue


    Applying glue is the key to laying mosaic. Prepare the strong ceramic tile glue mixed in proportion, and apply the ceramic tile glue on the wall with a plastering knife. Pay attention to the number of applications. First, apply the glue on the wall, and then apply the glue evenly with a smooth plastering knife. Generally, the thickness of the glue is about 20mm. Note that the mixed mosaic adhesive paste should be used up within 2-3 hours according to the weather conditions.




    After the glue is applied, the mosaic shall be paved by the drawing, and the mosaic shall be tightly pasted with a plastering knife or putty shovel, or a flat thick wood plate shall be placed on the surface of the mosaic, and the rubber hammer shall be used to evenly knock to ensure the firm adhesion. Since each small piece of mosaic is fixed with a net, the glue will penetrate each small mesh after it is pasted on the wall to achieve a fixed effect.


Check paving


    After paving mosaics in a certain range, check the paving conditions. First of all, the gap between bricks must be determined as a uniform width, so it is necessary to adjust the mortar joint with a small mortar shovel. This is a process that needs patience most in the process of paving mosaic, but it is the most important link in the process of paving. In addition, the paved mosaics shall be checked for defects, and the small pieces of mosaics shall be filled.




    After the inspection is completed, the pointing shall be started after the moisture is properly dried and has the initial strength. The required joint sealant shall be prepared, and the joint sealant shall be poured into the mosaic gap with a plastering knife. Note that the mortar scraping area shall not exceed 2 square meters each time. The joint sealant shall be evenly applied to the mosaic surface to ensure that all mortar joints can be filled and there is no excess residue. During pointing, it shall be noted that the caulking agent on the mosaic surface shall be gently wiped with a wet cloth within 20-25 minutes after caulking.


Maintenance of mosaic tiles after decoration


Clean after paving


    After the bonding layer and pointing mortar are finally set, the mosaic surface can be cleaned. The maintenance and cleaning of mosaic tiles need to prepare two buckets, one with a new cleaning agent and the other with clean water. First, soak the cloth in the bucket with a cleaning agent without wringing it, and then wipe the mosaic surface in circles. Then, soak the sponge in the second bucket with clean water, and then wipe the mosaic surface with the sponge to remove all residues. Finally, sponge the surface again until it is clean.


Check the details after paving


    After all the walls are paved, the adhesive layer is finally set, and the pointing is completed, another inspection shall be carried out. The floating sand left in the joints can be gently taken out with a clean and damp soft brush. The excess millimeter division joints shall be tightly leveled with 1:1 cement mortar, and then wiped with a cloth. After the adhesive layer and the pointing mortar are finally set, they shall be cleaned.


Do a good job of ventilation


    After the mosaic paving is completed, pay attention to the protection of the finished products and conduct appropriate air drying. One thing to pay attention to in the maintenance of mosaic tiles is that the surface layer just paved should be protected from the sun, and the room should be properly ventilated until about 24 hours after the handover. Generally, the later maintenance of mosaic tiles should not be less than 7 days.








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