Extra Large 600X1200MM Turkish Glossy Large Size Full Polished Glazed Gray Sticky Floor Tiles For Living Room

Extra Large 600X1200MM Turkish Glossy Large Size Full Polished Glazed Gray Sticky Floor Tiles For Living Room

Glazed tile is a type of tile with a glazed surface. The surface of glazed tile can be decorated with a variety of patterns and designs. Color and pattern are more abundant than in other types of tiles.

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Product Description of Glazed Wall Tiles 


    Glazed tile is a kind of tile whose surface has been glazed. The surface of glazed tile can be made of various patterns and patterns. Compared with other types of tiles, the color and pattern are more abundant.




Rich colors and diverse patterns


    Various patterns and patterns can be made on the surface of glazed tiles, and even the size of patterns can be customized. There are many sizes and specifications and wide selection space.


High strength and good toughness


    The surface strength of glazed tiles is relatively high, the toughness is very good, and basically no fracture occurs.


Non-slip, easy to clean


    Most of the glazed tiles have very good slip resistance, and the glazed surface has the characteristics of not absorbing water and dirt, strong anti-fouling ability, and easy to clean.


Good bending strength


    The average bending strength of glazed tiles is not less than 16MPa, which is a kind of brick with better bending strength.


Stable material properties


    The glazed tile material has stable performance and will not crack even if it is subjected to drastic changes in temperature.


Material category


    There are various styles and categories of glazed tiles. We can classify glazed tiles according to the raw materials, surface gloss and place of use.


According to the raw materials


    Glazed tiles can be divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles according to different raw materials.


A.Ceramic glazed tiles


    Fired from clay, it has high water absorption and relatively low strength, and the back is red.


B.Porcelain glazed tiles


    Fired from porcelain clay, it has low water absorption and relatively high strength, and the color of the back is off-white.


According to the surface gloss


    Glazed tiles can be divided into bright glazed tiles and matte glazed tiles according to the different surface glosses and the way of reflection of light.


A.Bright glazed tiles


    The glazed surface of the brick body is smooth and clean, and the light radiation is good, which is more suitable for the kitchen wall.


B.Matte glazed tiles


    Matte glazed tiles have poor surface finish and poor reflection of light, but give people a softer and more comfortable feeling.


According to the place of use


    According to the different places of use, glazed tiles are mainly divided into glazed wall tiles and glazed floor tiles.


    A.Glazed wall tiles: Glazed tiles used for wall decoration, suitable for the protection and decoration of internal walls.


    B.Glazed floor tiles: mainly used for kitchen and bathroom floors, with moderate water absorption.


How to choose glazed tiles?


    When choosing glazed tiles, look first.


    Looking at the embryo body on the back of the glazed tile, generally the whiter the embryo body, the higher the degree of porcelainization and the lower the water absorption rate, the better the tile is.


    When picking out glazed tiles, knocking comes next.


    Drag the front of the glazed tile with five fingers of one hand, the reverse side facing up, and tap the reverse side of the glazed tile with the other middle finger, the clearer the sound, the better the tile is.


    Third, when selecting glazed tiles, you can do a water seepage test on the back of the glazed tiles.


    Pour a glass of water on the backs of two different glazed tiles and watch the seepage effect of the two tiles in a few minutes. Of course, the one with less water seepage is better. In addition, after reading the back, look at the glazed surface of the front, and touch it with your hand to see if there is water seepage. If the front is also seepage, this brick is not cheap to buy.

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