300X1200 20MM Anti Slip Indoor Step Non Slip Ceramic Floor Tile Tiles For Stairs Ceramic Steps

300X1200 20MM Anti Slip Indoor Step Non Slip Ceramic Floor Tile Tiles For Stairs Ceramic Steps

Materials for ground decoration are available for floors, and materials are available for walls. How about stairway ornamentation? Have you dismissed it? When decorating a home, you will take note of the staircase's design and the rooms where it is most appropriate, but you frequently forget to select the right materials for stair decoration. So, which is better for stair steps—ceramic tiles or wood boards?

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    Floor decoration has ground decoration materials, and wall decoration has wall decoration materials. What about stair decoration? Did you ignore it? When decorating the house, you will notice the style of the stairs and where the stairs are more suitable, but you often neglect to choose the appropriate stair decoration materials. So, is it better to choose ceramic tiles or wood boards for stair steps?


    Board planks


Advantages of planks:


    Better comfort. In order to ensure the wear-resistant life of the ground in public places with a large amount of wear, most of them use floor tiles, while living areas such as bedrooms use floors with better elasticity. This is why many customers currently have floor tiles in the living room and floors in the bedroom.


    Beautiful and natural.


Disadvantages of planks:


    Regular maintenance is required, and cleaning is more troublesome.


    The price is more expensive than the floor tiles of the same grade.


Ceramic tile


    Tiles can be used to decorate every corner of the house with great results. It looks great in the living room or in the kitchen.


    Tile is easy to care for. Good tiles have anti-fouling ability, and they are very clean as long as they are gently cleaned with a mop. Wood floors are different, they are difficult to clean, and they are also prone to breakage, which is why so many people use tile.


    The tile is very temperature-resistant, because the tile is burned out, and it needs a very high temperature. Therefore, the general temperature will not cause damage to the tiles. And the tile is fired, and it is difficult for some chemicals to corrode it. Tiles are easy to save when damaged. If it is damaged, just replace it with a new one.


Construction points of stairs


The convenience of stairs


    The stairs should conform to the principle of convenient life. Generally, the stairs adopt L-shaped, arc-shaped, U-shaped, straight-shaped, S-shaped and rotating stairs, which determines the placement of the support columns. You can set it according to your room size and living habits.


Stair width


    Under normal circumstances, the width of the stairs should be more than 1 meter to ensure the safe width of the stairs.


Escalator height


    General carpenters will recommend a height between 90-110 cm, and adjust according to the height of the family.


Handling of handrails and columns


    When the wooden stairs are installed, the starting and ending steps extended by the handrail should not be less than 15 cm, so as to ensure the safety of walking. Generally, the distance between the poles of the platform should be half the width of the steps, and the distance between the poles of the handrail should be between 80 and 120 cm. The diameter of the circular section of the handrail should be between 4 and 6 cm, the optimal distance is 4.5 cm, and the top width of other section shapes should not exceed 7.5 cm. The minimum section diameter of the wooden staircase installation should be 5 cm, the diameter of the metal handrail section should be between 3.2 and 4 cm, and the clear distance between the handrail and the wall should be greater than 4 cm, and the minimum should not be less than 3.5 cm.


Stair Slope


    According to the height of the floor and the length of the stairs, the slope is not easy to exceed 20-40 degrees, because this is the safest slope toggle range.

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